Vehicle Storage

Vehicle Storage with Lock N Store

Finding space to store your vehicle at your home can be challenging. A vehicle takes up a lot of space and if your driveway is narrow or your garage is small then you may need external storage. The good news is that Lock N Store are here to help.

We offer both indoor and outdoor vehicle storage solutions. Indoor is best when you require protection from the elements for your vehicle but is the more expensive of the two options. Sometimes a tarp is adequate protection and in this case going with outdoor storage can save you some money.

Safe and Secure Vehicle Storage

Your vehicle is a significant investment so it is important that it is kept safe. With Lock N Store your vehicle is under 24 hour surveillance and protected by alarms as well as a coded access area. This ensures that your vehicle is kept safe.

Why Choose Lock N Store Car Storage

When choosing somewhere to store your vehicle, it is important to choose a car storage company you can trust. Whether you are going out of town for a couple of months for work or you don’t have space at home for your vehicle, Lock N Store can provide you with the secure car storage that you need.

Here are just a few reasons why you should choose Lock N Store for your car storage needs:

Affordable Car Storage

We offer cost effective car storage solutions based on your budget. You can choose between outdoor and indoor storage. Outdoor storage is the most affordable option but offers less protection from the elements than indoor storage. It can however, be a great choice if you just need car storage for a short period of time.

Flexible Car Storage Options

We offer both short-term and long-term car storage solutions giving you the ultimate in flexibility. You still have access to your vehicle as needed, and we have 24/7 surveillance to ensure your vehicle is secure at all times.

For more information on our vehicle storage options contact the friendly team at Lock N Store today. Our friendly customer service team is also happy to answer any questions about your car storage needs.

Reliable and Secure Self Storage

All our storage units are monitored 24 hours a day and every door is individually alarmed. The Lock ‘n’ Store team are storage experts so whether you need packing or storage advice and materials, or help organising a trailer or truck our friendly staff are happy to assist you.


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